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What Andy Flower says:

“The game has changed significantly in a very short period of time. Right at the front of that change, and embodying the change itself is Julian Wood. With a vision for the future, and a passion and expertise for his subject that ensures he is himself a leader in this field, Julian is opening batsmen's and coaches' eyes to another way of doing things. From the biomechanics to the principles of baseball and on to the sheer joy of hitting the ball clean and hard and far, Julian is at the forefront of a fast-evolving game for batsmen and coaches alike.”  

Andy Flower 

The cricket tour to South Africa with JWCA was  an amazing experience for myself and my daughter Riva. The tour itself was well organised, well coordinated and allowed the kids on the tour to maximum exposure to cricket in South Africa. The highlight was having met Gary Kirsten, and watching the kids train with him and his coaches, A once in a lifetime experience! 

Woody and Keiran were truly devoted to the kids, they were professional in their jobs as coaches and good mentors on and off the pitch. Sam was the tour mum, and managed the welfare of the kids, so well organised and can multi task better than anyone I know. 

This tour has given Riva so much confidence. The challenge for Riva was meeting new people and becoming a team from the get go. It wasn't difficult at all, the boys on the trip were really lovely, they were welcoming supportive of each other and their new team mates.

Mina Pindora - Parent

At first I was really nervous and excited about going on the cricket tour, because I didn't know the boys that well and I knew they were older than me.  This wasn't a problem though, they were so friendly, and encouraged me to play my best. 

I can't believe I got training tips from one of the best cricket coaches in the world! Gary Kirsten, all my family were really jealous when I told them. 

Woody was a great coach too, he was fair and saw that I better at bowling than at keeping, and I was so happy when I got my first wicket!

Kieran was really nice he was like a big brother to me, always cheering and supporting me.

Sam was really really nice, she always listened and cared for all of us. 

I miss the music sessions on the minibus, I miss the team chants, I miss my time in South Africa. 

Thank you x 

 Riva Pindora - Student 

"I started Julian’s academy when I turned 11 years old. I remember it was just after my first year of playing county cricket for Berkshire. The coaches recognised i needed specialist work on my batting in particular as they saw that was my strength at the time. I was fortunate enough to have been given Woody’s time in the nets evening after evening throughout the winter period. I guess it all felt a step closer to becoming a professional even at that age as I was taking the sport extremely seriously and getting help from him as a personal mentor. I carried on playing for Berkshire throughout my early childhood and the sessions with woody were clearly rubbing off on my batting. It came to the stage when I finally had to move on and as I turned 14; Woody introduced me to Hampshire county cricket club and helped me get into the academy system down there. Although I was on their watch for the next 4 years, I was very much still connected with woody through the JW Cricket Academy and still hit most days with him through the winter and early summer. In my last year at Bradfield College I was fortunate enough to get several opportunities in the Hampshire 1st team in both 4 day and one day cricket. Mid-way through the season after a few decent performances surprisingly with the ball not the bat, I received a professional contract. A year on and have spent my winter away from the cold winter nets in England and am now travelling to Australia and South Africa for pre season training. Over the past 8 years I have come on a long way and I am very grateful of the sessions through those early stages with Julian he really helped me get where I am today." 
Hamza Riazuddin -  Professional Cricketer - Hampshire CCC


“My son lives, breathes, eats and sleeps Cricket.  The Academy is his opportunity to turn his dreams into cricketing skills and experience. Thanks to Woody he is taking positive steps towards achieving his cricketing ambitions and he just loves it.”
Megan Rishton - Parent


"The excellent quality of the coaching and the high tempo in the training sessions has significantly raised the standard of our boys game. This, together with Julian's infectious enthusiasm and dedication ensures that he gets the very best out of all the boys. Training nights can't come around fast enough - our boys just love it and it's been wonderful to see them blossom in to confident young players under JW tutelage. We are really delighted, thank you".
Francoise Mortimer.


"The coaches are really good and have given me excellent advice and help with all aspects of my game. It is serious, but fun at the same time."
"My sons really enjoy their cricket coaching. Everything is covered - fitness, batting, bowling, fielding, wicket-keeping and the mental side. The equipment and facilities are outstanding. There are also opportunities to join tours, which aid both their personal and sporting development."
"Jake has been going to Julian Wood Cricket Academy at Bradfield since he was seven and a half after a teacher at school inspired an interest in cricket. He just loves the training sessions often skipping or running to the sessions and I can see how much he has grown in confidence and ability.

When asked about Julian Wood Jake said, "it's really good fun, I just so enjoy it, it is hard to say what I enjoy the most becasue I like batting, bowling and fielding. I think the best game is the big mat game but then the big ball game is great fun too and I quite like it when we are outside in the Summer !" 
Alison Humphreys
Ollie and Ben have been going to the JW cricket academy for three years now and have benefited greatly from the professionalism of the coaching and the friendly personal approach. Not only has the boys' cricket improved tremendously, so too has their gravitas, self confidence and determination to succeed in all aspects of their lives, which is brilliant.

Ollie had only played one season of cricket before joining the JW cricket academy, his game has really improved and he has gone on to play two seasons of District Cricket for West Berkshire and last year played his first season for Berkshire.

Ben has recently joined the JW emerging player programme and is really enjoying the fortnightly sessions. The coaching is intensive and he is learning how to improve all aspects of his game."
Philippa Green - Parent

"In April this year I went to India with the JW cricket academy, it was brilliant. Being over there helped me understand how coaching in another country can help your technique, your confidence and make you cricket smart."
Ben Green

"I've been going to the JW Elite Academy for two years now and its been brilliant. I have learnt so much and my batting and bowling have both really improved. Woody's 121 sessions have helped me sort out things with my game which has been brilliant for my confidence and stopped me getting frustrated when things go wrong."
Ollie Green

"I just wanted to tell you how much my two boys (Jamaal 12 & Imran 10) are enjoying learning the art of cricket from Woody and the other coaches . The course is, as always, exceptionally well run and held in a friendly, disciplined, enthusiastic and professional way. The boys have made huge progress in the short time that they have been at Woody's and I am sure this will result in exceptional performances on the cricket field for many seasons to come  
"I love coming to Woody's because the coaches make it fun and are very quick to spot what areas I need to develop to improve my game and communicate this to me in a simple, understandable way."
Jamaal 12
"I have learnt so much from all the great coaches at Woody's. I am really happy that I play at the highest level for my age. I really like training so I can learn new skills, and if I am doing something wrong, then the coaches show me the correct way. I have learnt so much since being with Woody, I cant wait for Friday's, we laugh and have some great fun."
Imran 10
"You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them but building a fire within’. These words aptly sum up Julian Wood’s approach to coaching cricket. He is totally dedicated to helping find the best in every player and taking them as far as they want to go. My two sons leave net sessions always feeling that they have learnt something and always wanting more.  I would never have believed that my 14-year old son would get the chance to play cricket in India – it was definitely a life-changing experience, not just good for his cricket but for his attitude to life. Julian Wood is a true inspiration – there can’t be many like him."
Belinda Chaffer, mother

"Both my sons have been attending the JW Academy for the last 4 years and my eldest has been fortunate to have been involved in two cricket tours to India, with a third trip this October. What an experience for a young developing cricketer!  Both sons have grown in both confidence and ability thanks to the excellent coaching that JW provides. The ethos is one based upon respect, fun and gentle coercion, with a good dose of challenge to complete the successful recipe. Children develop at different rates and it nice to see a learning environment that acknowledges this. The coaches enjoy teaching the young cricketers and their enthusiasm for the game and helping the boys are plain for all to see. The academy is supported by helpful administrative staff, and any equipment needed is happily ordered with a quick service and reasonable prices. The fruits of my eldest sons labours and all his coaches have been clear for all to see this season with both a maiden century and his first hat trick for the men's team, not bad for a 14 year old. Let's hope the England selectors don't get to hear of the level of coaching at the JW Academy, as we need them for our boys!"
Debbie Grimmond - Parent
"Julian wood's cricket academy offers young players an excellent environment for them to develop the technical and tactical skills they need to advance in the game.

- high energy, high work-rate sessions ensure that whatever the level of player, they are tested to their fullest and, in so doing, show rapid signs of improvement.

- I am always delighted to deliver specialist sessions at the academy and thoroughly enjoy working with good players in such a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere"
Toby Radford - West Indies Batting Coach

Dear Woody
I just wanted to say a proper thank you for organising for George to go and see Tony Middleton. Quite clearly without you George would not be anywhere near where he is now and we really appreciate all that you have done for him. I know he still has a long way to go but the trip to Hampshire has given him a huge boost of confidence.
George is happy with the decision not to pursue playing for Berkshire - I suppose with all his school commitments it might be more of a distraction.
Thanks again Woody - you have a real gift of inspiring those around you
Best wishes
Belinda Chaffer